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  Published: 2021-11-05, Author: Chris , review by:

  • Easy to use hardware and software, Automatic positioning and seeking of space objects, Community connection with other Unistellar users, Backpack makes for simple (though bulky) transport, Enormous potential as education tool
  • Requires mobile app to move, Needs battery power to use (rechargeable internal battery), Priced for professional use, Electronic eyepiece means astrophotography is limited
  • If you're looking for a starter telescope, this isn't it. If you've been using telescopes as a hobby your whole life and you're looking for a telescope that might very well last you a decade into the future, or more, this might very well be the best teles...

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  Published: 2021-09-23, Author: Jamie , review by:

  • Easy to set-up, Works well in cities, 7.7 megapixel images, Excellent quality Nikon eyepiece, Comfortable backpack
  • Very expensive, Slewing can be slow, Reduced battery life
  • The Unistellar eVscope 2 is an impressive, if pricey addition to the ‘smart' telescope market brings an excellent Nikon electronic eyepiece, higher resolution and more contrasty deep sky images, and an all-important wider field of view that full-screens t...

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  Published: 2021-09-23, Author: Jamie , review by:

  • Works great in light-polluted areas,Full-screen views of the Moon,Sends 7.7 MP images to phones and tablets,Comes with a useful backpack,Very simple to set up,Easy to share in groups of up to 10 people,
  • Slewing to objects can be slow, Focusing is manual, Planets don't look good, Slight drop in battery life, Very high price,
  • With a new, clearer Nikon eyepiece and a wider field of view, the Unistellar eVscope 2 smart 'scope can now be used to take sharper astro-photos of the Moon as well as distant galaxies, nebulae and stars clusters. However, its biggest attraction is that i...

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